Body Conditioning, Slim & Tone, Kick Boxing & Self Defence Club, The (Stevenage)

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Kickboxing. body toning, self defence classes

Kickboxing - Classes are designed for anyone that wants to get fit whilst conditioning the whole body. Young people's classes are fun but taught in a traditional, strict manner. The classes are designed to build confidence and boost low self esteem. Feedback from these classes has been said that they have improved students' school education.

Bodypump sessions - Get toned and fit whilst having fun to music using weights. Ideal for women and men 14 years plus. You can lose weight and change your body shape, all in record time. Boost your energy levels - it's great fun.

Kickboxing Freestyle Fight Club -This includes body conditioning, bag and pad work, with lots of sparring. Whatever martial art you practice, you are welcome. This is suitable for 12 years plus and men and women. Beginners are welcome. Train for national competitions or just come to get fit.



Age Range: 11-19

Cost: please see website

Timing and Repeats:
Mondays 7.00pm -kickboxing and self defence
Tuesdays 7.00pm Bodypump session (14 years plus)
Tuesdays 8.00pm Kickboxing Freestyle Fight Club (12 years plus)

Booking Info: Drop-in / no booking needed

Organisation: Body Conditioning, Slim & Tone, Kick Boxing & Self Defence Club, tel: To be reviewed, email:, website: click here...

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