STUDIO ONE: YC Hertfordshire County Music and Media Studio at the Watford Young People's Centre, Watford

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The YC Hertfordshire County Music and Media Studio, known as 'Studio One', is a state-of-the art facility for young people. There's a professional recording studio with a music and video production suite and a green screen studio for film making and digital photography. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned bedroom producer, if you are a young person aged between 13 and 17 years old and interested in music production, songwriting or recording, film-making or photography, this is for you!

This amazing professional-quality facility has been specially designed and built to bring out the best in young people. If you're interested in music, media, film-making, animation or photography you'll love this studio.

What's at STUDIO ONE?

There are four interconnected rooms...

  • Professional digital recording studio with drums, guitars, keyboards and amplifiers available for you to use - or you can bring your own instruments. Fully sound-proofed and with sound proofing screens between instruments if required. (Please note this is not a rehersal studio.)
  • Control room with mixing desk, recording equipment and keyboards. Fully sound-proofed.
  • Green-screen film and digital photography studio for making band/music videos, dance videos and short films. We have a selection of cameras, DSLRs and broadcasting video cameras.
  • Production suite for music, film, photography and animation with the latest industry-standard software on eight iMacs to allow you to create broadcast-quality films.

What happens at STUDIO ONE?

If you're in a band or are a solo musician/performer our specialist YC Hertfordshire youth-work staff can help you record your own music and fulfil your potential. Whatever you are into - rock, pop, hip hop, RnB, drum n bass, DJing, opera, acoustic… we'll help you learn the ropes and develop your talent. You can also get involved in sound production, engineering, film-making, animation or digital photography.

Instruments include: an upright piano, keyboard, guitars (electric and acoustic), bass guitars, congas, bongos, an acoustic drum kit, a cajon and midi keyboards.

We offer accredited courses in music production. This means you can learn new skills, work as a team with our technicians and work towards completing a range of projects that can provide you with a nationally recognised qualification.

Watford Young People's Centre is easily accessible by train and bus. The building is fully wheelchair accessible.


Venue: Watford Young People's Centre (YouthPoint), 206-210 Lower High Street, Watford WD17 2EL

Age Range: 13-17

Cost: Free

Timing and Repeats:

Booking Info: Booking always needed

Organisation: YC Hertfordshire Watford Team, tel: 01442 454060, email:, website: click here...

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