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Sea Lion Swimming Club is a swimming club based in Watford for all people with temporary or permanent disabilities. We meet every Saturday from 5pm to 6pm at Watford Central Leisure Centre.

Ther Sea Lion Swimming Club formed in 1958 so that anyone of any age with a temporary or permanent disability could swim in safety and to promote their enjoyment of the water.

Swimming is an excellent sport for improving stamina, suppleness and strength. Restrictions you may have on land are released as the water supports the weight of your body. It is one form of exercise that allows anyone who has a disability to benefit from the freedom provided by the water.

The club benefits from an excellent group of volunteer helpers who are available to provide assistance and support to all members, as required. They organise fun activities in the second half of the session for those who wish to join in.

The club has a comprehensive range of specialised equipment, including a wide range of flotation aids and a hoist to assist members in and out of the water.

Watford Central Leisure Centre is fully wheelchair accessible.

Membership fees

Individual Membership - £25 per annum

Family Membership - £50 per annum


Venue: Watford Central Leisure Centre, Hempstead Road, Watford WD17 3HA

Age Range: ALL ages

Cost: £25 per year

Timing and Repeats:
We meet every Saturday from 5pm to 6pm, with the exception of Christmas and Easter weekends. So approximately 50 Saturdays per year.

Booking Info: Drop-in / no booking needed

Contact: Nick Lilley, tel:07903861988

Organisation: Sea Lion Swimming Club, tel: 0845 6216600, email:, website: click here...

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