In some instances, details of events and opportunities are posted on Youth Connexions Hertfordshire's MOGOlistings Portal (the "Portal") by, or on behalf of, the organisers of those events and opportunities and not by Youth Connexions Hertfordshire. Accordingly, to the fullest extent permitted by law and other than where Youth Connexions Hertfordshire is specified as the uploader of the event or opportunity in question, Youth Connexions Hertfordshire accepts no responsibility or liability for (i) the accuracy or content of such events and opportunities advertised on the Portal; (ii) the provision of those events or opportunities; or (iii) any websites linked to from the Portal.

If you have any concerns regarding any event or opportunity advertised on the Portal, or any external website linked to or from the Portal, they should be directed both to Youth Connexions Hertfordshire by emailing channelmogo@hertfordshire.gov.uk and to the relevant organiser of the event or opportunity, or website administrator or web master of the website in question.

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